Prime XR PLUS Ceramic Window Tint Package – Honda CRV

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Honda CRV Ceramic Window Tinting Package



One of our recent projects was on this brand new 2020 Honda CRV. Like most SUVS and trucks sold today, the rear glass had factory privacy glass and the front was clear. The customer wanted to have the front doors tinted, and also darken the appearance of the rear section as well. Another thing the customer wanted to have was fantastic heat rejection properties to help cool the interior during the warm summer months. We recommended our best product, Prime XR Plus.


From the factory, most SUVs and Trucks windows don’t match.




  • 99% UV Rejection
  • 98% IR HEAT Rejection
  • 6 Shades to choose from
  • LIFETIME Manufacturer Warranty


XPEL PRIME XR PLUS Being installed on CRV Front Doors


Every XPEL PRIME XR PLUS Package also includes:

  • Precision “No Gap” Top Edges
  • FUSION PLUS GLASS Ceramic coating on exterior of windows
  • Bonus “No Fault” Warranty

Precision Edges

Precision edges is a process where we run the film past the edge of the top of the window and shave it off once it has dried. This gives the window a factory finish look with no gap between the film and the edge of the glass. This is included complimentary with every PLUS package.


XPEL’s ceramic coating lineup, called FUSION PLUS, has an awesome formula specifically for glass. This coating is sometimes best described as RainX on steroids. It repels water, helps protect glass from bug and acid etching, and dramatically increases visibility in inclement weather. This coating is applied to the exterior of every window where PRIME XR PLUS is installed.

No-Fault Warranty

XPEL has an industry leading Lifetime Warranty on their window tint products, which covers bubbling, peeling, fading, color change, and blistering or adhesive failure. On top of that warranty we offer additional coverage to replace accidental damage such as seat belt chips, scratches, broken window, etc. one time 100% free of charge.


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