BMW Window Tinting

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BMW 5 Series Window Tint

The owner of this BMW 5 Series came by enquiring about getting his windows tinted. His main concerns included protecting the leather interior and reducing the temperature inside. He also wanted a film that wouldn’t decrease his visibility, or darken his glass too much. We recommended our premier product: 3M Crystalline.


3M Crystalline

3M Crystalline checks all of the boxes listed by our customer. Because of its incredible, patented technology, it is able to reject 97% of the Sun’s heat causing Infrared heat. Most window films that approach this level of performance incorporate nano particles of ceramics, metals, or carbon. While these are effective ways of producing high performance window films, they also reduce clarity. Crystalline is constructed using their exclusive Multi-Layer Optical Film technology. This allows for there to be no compromises, extreme performance and high-definition level clarity.

Crystalline 40% Installation

Performance Results

Crystalline 40 Specifications

  • 99.9% UV Rejection
  • 97% IR Heat Rejection
  • 60% Total Solar Energy Rejection
  • SPF 1000+

Installation Process

As you may have noticed, not many window tint shops offer 3M Crystalline. This is primarily due to 3M’s high standards regarding dealer selection,  cost, and workability. Due to Crystalline consisting of over 200 layers, it has to be handled and installed with special care and technique. Proper installation involves proper training and years of experience. We are 3M Crystalline Certified, guaranteeing the highest standard of installation quality. We start with our 5-step prep process. Then, using our plotter and state of the art design software, the film is pre-cut to manufacturer specs. This eliminates any use of razor blades on the vehicle and any risk of damage to the vehicle. From there the film is applied to all windows after using the proper heat shrinking technique.



Curing Time

After installation, there is a curing period. During this time it is normal for the window film to look hazy and watery. The time it takes to fully cure depends on the weather and how much sun the glass is exposed to. Usually the film is fully cured after 1-2 weeks.



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Hidden Costs of Cheap Tint

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$99 window tint any car!

You may have seen advertisements for very cheap tint jobs around. Or maybe you are shopping for your next tint job on your new vehicle, gathering prices from some different businesses. You soon will realize that prices of window tinting services can vary anywhere from $99 to $799. The immediate thought process, understandably, is to find the best deal; the cheapest price. However you may be surprised to find out that the cheapest price is not actually cheaper, and certainly is not a better deal.

There are a few main reasons that the price of window tinting can vary so greatly.

Quality and Experience. 

First consider quality. The saying “you get what you pay for” absolutely applies to your choice of window film and installer. What happens when you choose a poor quality tint, or don’t know exactly what kind of film it is you are having installed? See below:


There is a lot going on in that photo above. This was the rear windshield of a BMW we had to remove old, failing tint from. The tint installed on this BMW was of a very poor quality, and was destroyed by the sun.

The first thing you no doubt will notice is the bubbles scattered throughout the window tint.

The second thing you might notice is the hazy and rippled texture looking through the window.

The Problem: poor adhesive.

Window tint is installed much like a giant screen protector for your cell phone. It has a clear adhesive backing. This backing is the first layer of defense after the sun penetrates the car’s glass. Once the adhesive begins to fail, the film will begin separating from the glass, causing bubbles. The tint will lose its optical clarity, making it difficult (sometimes impossible) to see out of, especially during night time driving. (see image below) This can be very dangerous.

The Solution: Choose a tint manufacturer which has a solid reputation for long lasting, quality tints.

Something else to look for: Insure that the film you choose offers a lifetime warranty for no bubbling or peeling. This is a crucial step in making a good decision regarding window tint for your car. That is why we trust 3M window films. 3M has a long long repuation for their adhesives. i.e. post it notes, wrap vinyl, scotch tape, painter tape, command strips, the list goes on and on. 3M knows adhesives, perhaps better than anyone. When you have 3M on your car, you can rest easy knowing it will never ever bubble and fail.



Another thing you probably notice in this BMW’s tint is that it doesn’t look dark, like it hasn’t been tinted. This is a result of choosing a poor quality dyed window tint. Dyed films will eventually change color to purple, or in the case of this BMW fade completely clear. (see picture below)



The Problem: Poor dyes used in manufacturing cannot keep color or darkness.

As seen in the photo above, this tint at one point in it’s life was black. You can see where it has been exposed to the Sun, it has been totally bleached out to clear. This is common with Dyed window films.

The Solution: Choose a product with proven color stability. We proudly offer 3M’s Color Stable window film. This was one of the very first window films on the market that had true color stability, backed with 3M’s comprehensive warranty; NO PURPLE WINDOWS, EVER! The film gets its color and darkness from Carbon dispersed through the thickness of the film’s polyester.

Experience: Lets say you get a great price with a quality window film. What can go wrong?

A poor installation on your vehicle can not only be unsightly, it can cause permanent damage to your vehicles glass or interior. Poor installations can lead to excessive dust contamination, poor cut lines, creases, splice lines, and bubbles. Things to check for: Online reviews, examples of workmanship, years of experience, and years established as a business

Hidden Costs

So you are probably wondering, how can a cheaper tint job cost more than a premium priced tint job? The answer lies in the removal of old window tint. Removing window tint is not a pleasant, or an easy task. The process can take several hours to complete, and has to be done very thoroughly and carefully to insure a good installation when being re-tinted. Removing window tint from an entire car can cost anywhere from $150-250.


SEE ABOVE: After window tint removal; Optical clarity restored.

Example of how the cheapest isn’t always the cheapest


Tint shop A: $100 (cheap product, bubbles and fades rapidly and eventually needs retinted)

Removal : $150

Retint at premium shop : $250

Shop A total : $500

Tint shop B: $160 (Average Window film quality, but poor workmanship)

Removal : $150

Retint at premium shop : $250

Stop B total – $560

Shop C: $250 ( Authorized 3m dealer; great reputation for quality work. )

Shop C total – $250

So as you can see that even though Shop C was the most expensive at first glance, in the long run it ended up being much cheaper than the other options available. Much goes into choosing a window film for your vehicle. Make sure you do your research, because it could end up saving you not only a headache, but hundreds of dollars in the long run.

7 Reasons why your windows need tinted!

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One of the first things many people think of when they purchase a new car is window tint. Usually there is one reason or another you want tint installed on your car. But you might be surprised at how many added benefits window film can bring to your driving experience. Here are seven reasons to tint your car today!

1. Increase driving comfort

Do you ever struggle to find comfort while driving in the hot summer months? We have all experienced it. At the end of the long work day, excited to get home, you open the door to your car only to be greeted with the extreme heat built up inside from hours of exposure to the sun. Miserably you get inside, desperately turn the A/C on full blast seeking comfort. Meanwhile the Sun’s heat is still pouring in your windows. Eventually the air conditioning brings the temperature inside to a tolerable level, yet the Sun’s rays penetrating through your unprotected glass still bring heat and discomfort to your skin.

This is where window film comes in. Window films from 3M and Solar Gard are designed to reject up to 61% of the Sun’s total solar energy and up to 98% of the Sun’s heat causing infrared rays. This allows your air conditioning to cool your car much quicker, and blocks solar heat from hitting your skin. This not only makes driving a much more comfortable experience, but also increases efficiency. Less A/C use means less strain on your engine, which means a better average MPG.

An important side note:  While no matter what you put on your windows, if your car is parked in the Sun all day, it is going to be hot inside. Solar heat penetrates not only through your glass but also eventually through the rest of your car, causing heat buildup. Window film essentially acts as a filter for the Sun.

2. Safer driving

Window film reduces up to 95% of the glare caused from Sun rays, bright white snow, and those annoyingly bright headlights. Window tinting minimizes the effects of these hazards, thus allowing you to focus on the task at hand, making driving a safer experience.

3. Skin Protection… Stay young!

We only use the highest quality window films at King’s Window Tint. Every one of our films reject 99% of the Sun’s harmful UV rays. In fact, the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends our products! Ultraviolet rays are linked to skin cancer and causes your skin to age rapidly. What makes UV so dangerous is that it can reflect off of surfaces and penetrate through your windows at home or in your car and cause damage to your skin. Window tint acts like a sunscreen for your windows, providing an SPF rating of up to 1000!

4. Shatter Protection

In the event of an accident, window film holds shards of glass in place, preventing injury to the passengers inside.

5. Stand out from the crowd

Perhaps the most popular reason for window tint on cars. Professionally installed window film on a car can make a world of difference and set your car apart from others on the road. At King’s Window Tint we keep a large variety of tints in stock so that you can find the perfect film to accent your car.

6. Added Privacy

No more fishbowl look. Thats right, you can sing along to your favorite songs and not feel the eyes from other cars judging you. Window tint comes in many shades restricting the amount of light allowed inside, giving you a measure of privacy inside. This also can reduce risk of theft, because a thief won’t try to steal what they can’t see.

7. Protect your investment

You likely made a considerable investment in your vehicle, so why not keep it looking new for years to come? The combination of heat and UV rays cause irreparable damage to the interior of your car. It causes dashes to crack, and the materials inside to fade and change color. Window tint can protect your interiors by blocking 99% of the UV rays and up to 61% of the solar heat from entering your vehicle.


There you have it, seven reasons to get your car tinted today. You can have these benefits along with a lifetime warranty and a truly professional installation at King’s Window Tint. To get your personalized quote and set up a fast easy appointment reach out to us by filling out the form at the bottom of our website, or calling at (812) 379 – 9535 (Ext:1)


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