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“Medical Grade” Multi-Layer Nano Ceramic

XPEL PRIME XR PLUS is the latest innovation in Ceramic film technologies. Due to it’s unique multi-layer construction, it blocks a staggering 98% of the suns Infrared heat, while maintaining a beautiful black color. This film is so effective at filtering the Sun’s energy, it is considered to be “Medical Grade”. This product comes backed with a standard lifetime warranty and additional “no fault” coverage, which covers accidental scratches/damage to the film.

Heat Rejection


UV Rejection


Single Layer Nano Ceramic

XPEL PRIME XR window film contains ceramic particles that absorb infrared radiation, blocking much of the sun’s heat. PRIME XR also features a rich black color and low reflectivity, making it the perfect match for factory tinted windows. Because of it’s durable ceramic construction, this film will last for years backed with a the standard manufacturer lifetime warranty, which covers free replacement in the event of bubbling, peeling, fading, etc.

Heat Rejection


UV Rejection



Like most things, window films have advanced and evolved from what they once were. With advancements in nano ceramic technology, having your windows tinted isn’t just about dark windows anymore. This technology allows our films to have amazing heat rejection properties, skin and interior protection, beautiful clarity, and incredible durability.

While other shops still offer dyed “basic” films to keep their prices down and profits up, we only offer top tier Ceramic films to our customers. We believe that along with our premium installations, should be an equally premium product offering, at an affordable price. We believe we clearly offer the ultimate experience, quality, installation, selection, and value to our customers. Find out for yourself what makes King’s the premier choice for your car window tinting needs.

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