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October 2018

BMW Window Tinting

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BMW 5 Series Window Tint

The owner of this BMW 5 Series came by enquiring about getting his windows tinted. His main concerns included protecting the leather interior and reducing the temperature inside. He also wanted a film that wouldn’t decrease his visibility, or darken his glass too much. We recommended our premier product: 3M Crystalline.


3M Crystalline

3M Crystalline checks all of the boxes listed by our customer. Because of its incredible, patented technology, it is able to reject 97% of the Sun’s heat causing Infrared heat. Most window films that approach this level of performance incorporate nano particles of ceramics, metals, or carbon. While these are effective ways of producing high performance window films, they also reduce clarity. Crystalline is constructed using their exclusive Multi-Layer Optical Film technology. This allows for there to be no compromises, extreme performance and high-definition level clarity.

Crystalline 40% Installation

Performance Results

Crystalline 40 Specifications

  • 99.9% UV Rejection
  • 97% IR Heat Rejection
  • 60% Total Solar Energy Rejection
  • SPF 1000+

Installation Process

As you may have noticed, not many window tint shops offer 3M Crystalline. This is primarily due to 3M’s high standards regarding dealer selection, ┬ácost, and workability. Due to Crystalline consisting of over 200 layers, it has to be handled and installed with special care and technique. Proper installation involves proper training and years of experience. We are 3M Crystalline Certified, guaranteeing the highest standard of installation quality. We start with our 5-step prep process. Then, using our plotter and state of the art design software, the film is pre-cut to manufacturer specs. This eliminates any use of razor blades on the vehicle and any risk of damage to the vehicle. From there the film is applied to all windows after using the proper heat shrinking technique.



Curing Time

After installation, there is a curing period. During this time it is normal for the window film to look hazy and watery. The time it takes to fully cure depends on the weather and how much sun the glass is exposed to. Usually the film is fully cured after 1-2 weeks.



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